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Welcome to my ADD BEAUTY MASTERCLASS! 🦋 I'm really happy you're here! How to live a more passionate life, filled with magic and beauty? I invite you to follow me on a journey, using art, poetry and science to go beyond the veil of our reality into a world of magic. Living is an art and we need tools. I have collected some amazing discoveries, which have inspired me in my life as an artist, that I would like to share with you. Life could be so much more poetic, deeper, more vibrant and more exciting. Today we must regain our sovereignty and become the creators of our lives. More than ever, we need inspiration in our lives. It is essential to protect our energies today and stay in our light to inspire others around us. I invite you to inspire yourself with my ADD BEAUTY MASTERCLASS to add more beauty to your world. It will change your life, I think...! ⭐️

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