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My new homepage!

I now start to feel that my art and images move in the invisible space - the cloud - around the world...

To "be connected"...and take the risque that others copy my work. But I think we have to! We must open up and share what we are doing...and try to be a step ahead and then there will be no danger of copying.

I will try to connect my new homepage to Facebook and Pinterest...and try to connect this blog about my creative art to my blot about FASCINATING THINKERS... where I will write about where my inspiration comes from. A blog I do with WordPress that is almost ready to use.

I will try to communicate...and share with everybody that is interested.

ART and DESIGN can help the world to be better and more poetic! ART can help people to open up their inner selves towards more feelings, more depth and more authenticity. I think the material around us has to be "activated" to vibrate...and I think one very important thing today is to transform our FLAT world into a multi-dimensional, inspiring and vibrating reality...

WATER 100x100cm

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