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If happiness is a keyword in the western world, the concept of harmony is much more important in many Eastern countries.

Harmony is the glue that holds everything together, that connects everything.

Harmony is to respect others, to feel the oneness with the world around us, and feel that we are in the right place just where we are. Harmony.

The concepts of FENG-SHUI teaches us how everything around us influences our life.

The forms in our house, the colours, the materials…

Where we have placed the furniture and if they’re in wood or in metal change the energies. Everything is important. In what place do we feel peace in our homes and in our friends’ homes? Where do we like to sit down and just relax?

We are completely interconnected with our environment, being a part of us.

If something is changed, if we threw away a lot of old things, we can suddenly find new opportunities at work. When everything is energy circulating and moving, we can feel in a subtle way if something isn’t harmonious, and we are constantly penetrated by this fluid energy that influences everything we do in our life.

Harmony is an art. It is fragile.

We all know how easy it is in a couple or in a family to break the harmony with some criticizing words.

I love, at a dinner table, when everyone around the table has cloths matching the tablecloths or the food… creating a nice combination of colours. It means there is an inner harmony expressed in the outer world.

I often feel in a house, that the rooms must be activated to create a “presence”. I try to put flowers in small vases in all rooms. When I am travelling, staying in boring hotel rooms, a little artwork can change everything and creates a “presence” …

Perhaps the world around us must be activated! When we create this harmony, the space becomes alive, and we enjoy being a part of it. We feel at peace as if we are in the centre of our world.

Many places are totally empty and “dead” without life vibrations. In these places we got no inspiration, we feel separated, and it is easy to get sick.

EPIGENETIC is the science teaching us how everything is connected and how our environment constantly sends messages to our cells to react in a special way.

Bruce Lipton is a fantastic cellular biologist, proving that the cells are reacting to our thoughts and to the environment much more than to the genes in our body. This research is edge science! We are not the victims of our genes, but more of our thoughts and emotions.

His book “The biology of believes” are showing the huge importance of our fixed ideas and concepts, our worldview, and our unconscious programs since childhood, which are modelling our bodies and our life. This shows also clearly that we can take our power back and be the masters of our destiny! By observing our thoughts and changing them into positive ones, and by creating harmony around us, we can change our well-being and our life.


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