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“Things are either evolving towards or evolving from nothingness”

Let’s find the essence of life again in this world of screens and stress! But what is it? How can we take away layers and layers of what is NOT, like peeling an onion, and find this inner true authenticity of life? For a long time, I have loved the wabi / Sabi concept, this hidden inner quality in Japanese culture, so far from what western culture often considers as beautiful. I think this concept of beauty has inspired me in my art since I was 19 and visited Japan for the first time. The moss in the Buddhist temple gardens, the beauty in small details…

Wabi-Sabi beauty is the imperfect, the impermanent, the incomplete…It is the beauty of things modest and humble. It is the earthiness and the organic.

It is the beauty of things marked by time, moving towards nothingness.

This “nothingness” is so important in all aspects of Japanese culture, a nothingness filled with presence and the opposite of emptiness.

The “beauty” is often not an object, but a context of things.

“Beauty is the extraordinary moment of poetry and grace”.

“When an object is peered down to its essence without removing the poetry – it is wabi-sabi”

As learned in Zen, there is an "essence" hidden in us and in everything around us. An essence that just is, here and now, always perfect, when our Ego and our thoughts are not interacting and complicating things. This is our true inner self. On this level of “essence,” we are all connected.

Inspired by Japan, Zen and the wabi-sabi concept I started to search for beauty and poetry in authentic nature, to show the imperfections in nature and show the beauty in small insignificant details.

I started to work with an agency in Japan and we developed together our label “the inner language of nature” to inspire people with images filled with inner vibrating energy and beauty.

We collaborated then with different big Japanese companies to create clothing, ceramics, stationary etc. to inspire people in an environment far from natural and authenticity.

“What are the lessons of the Universe? Truth comes from the observation of nature”

I use authentic images from nature, to keep the inner vibrating energy, and bring further his energy through my art and textile creations.

To see the beauty in authentic nature is a way to feel our own inner essence.


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