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As an artist, already as a teenager, I always loved to read and learn about new discoveries in science.

It gave me so much freedom to understand that on this level of reality, everything is energy and information. Everything is from the beginning just possibilities that become activated by our thoughts and visualizations, our intentions and expectations…to then manifest in our world. We are here the creators of everything! Isn’t that a huge discovery and then to deeply understand what that means?

Perhaps we can’t! It changes everything.

To understand that we are not victims of the world around us. We are actors.

If we learn not to “re-act” to the world but start to “act” instead, with our own inner power, we become the co-creator of reality.

The quantum field is intelligent. It penetrates everything and it is the source of everything. It has no material aspect, just possibilities to become something, to manifest something. Isn't that beautiful!

Many scientists don’t like it at all. You can’t explain the outcome of an experience, you can't explain the material world, you can’t explain its consistency and you can never control it.

Here only vibrations and energy exist. That is what our reality is made of. Everything is vibrations.

Vibrations and intelligence…and love that is perhaps the glue that holds everything together...

I love this image of the zen monk. For me, he represents a being that has understood everything and can see through the Matrix we live in. He can enjoy, just laughing at everything when knowing that the material world is created in our mind and that everything is just energy and vibrations...

Inspired by this I created this painting "AND IF THE WORLD IS JUST A DREAM..." 100x80

I think that this painting can help us to feel more freedom inside ourselves.


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