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Coussin bleu et branche coup Helena 2010.jpg

I read a beautiful little book called "Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers by Leonard Koren.

For a long time, I have loved the Wabi/Sabi - this hidden, inner quality in Japanese culture...

so far from what many people here in the West find beautiful. Here beauty is the imperfect, the impermanent, the incomplete... It is the beauty of things modest and humble...the beauty of the inconspicuous and overlooked aspects of nature. The beauty of things is marked by time, moving toward nothingness.

This NOTHINGNESS that is so important in Japanese Culture...

And the beauty is not "an object" but often a context of things - a present moment.

"Beauty is the extraordinary moment of poetry and grace"...

I think there is an ESSENCE hidden in us and in everything around us. An essence that just ARE, here and now, always perfect, when our thoughts and ego are not interacting and complicating everything.

In this "essence level" we are all connected.

"When an object is peered down to its essence without removing the poetry" - it is Wabi/Sabi

I'm searching this in my INNER LANGUAGE OF NATURE works...the use the imperfections in nature, and show the beauty in small insignificant detail like leaves and branches...or pine cones...As the wise man says " "Truth comes from the observation of nature..."...

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