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is the title of an exhibition at the "Bourse de commerce" in Paris that really touched me. The visitors are invited to make the journey from darkness to light through different installations, and little by little penetrate into zones "between", into mutant territories, this fragile space of twilight between worlds.

I loved, in the Rotonda (already a fantastic architecture connecting old and modern by the Japanese architect Tadao Ando) the surprising installation of wood logs in connection with marble sculptures connected to the wood in intimate symbiosis...objects in new relations, creating new meanings. (Dahn Vo)

This is something I find fascinating: how images or objects from different domains, create new meanings when put together. In this way, we can create an opening, a breach in our normal logical reality.

Isn't this also what poetry can do? Or the zen koans? We need to go beyond the Matrix of the world, find these breaches and openings, go beyond the veil and discover new territories. When we break the logic in different ways and when we change the language...we can reach more inner freedom.

In one of my father's poems, is written:

"I have made the tree a part of me. I have widened the border "

Man and nature. Everything is in deep inner connections when we arrive to "widen our borders"...


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