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Can art be a tool to help us to find a deeper part of ourselves and connect to nature and to life in a more total way? Tools to bring more harmony, poetry and beauty into our daily life.

How could objects around us help us to go deeper into our reality?

How could we through art find more sense, poetic values and beauty in life?

An artwork created with inspiration and presence is like a “download” if the artist can just let unfold what wants to be created and be totally in a kind of creative flow. I think that these artworks then can connect to something deep inside all of us on the soul level.

Nothing is more important today than to higher our vibrations, to attract more high-vibration realities in our life.

We read about “vibes” everywhere today, but what is it really?

David Hawkins has made a pyramid image of these vibrations, going from fear, greed, and sadness up to more and more joy, freedom and unconditional love.

Ken Wilber, a well-known philosopher, has also created a “schema of evolution”; how we evolve from being closed to our Ego to more and more connected to our soul being, a higher more perfect part of ourselves. We go from Ego to the soul, from feeling separate to a feeling of connecting with others and with the world around us.

As we learn from the natural law of attraction, the same vibrations attract the same. The more we concentrate and focus on positive thoughts, beauty and joy in our lives, the more of that is coming into our life. It is a scientific law!

We send out signals that then are coming back to us.

For me, ART is an “opening”, a window, which like « a vibrating presence » can help us to reconnect to something much bigger deep inside us, than our small egocentric self if we are willing to stop and feel these vibrations that then could find an echo inside us.

Artistic objects, poems or music can be our tools in life to inspire us and give us more energy, and a sense of freedom.

We need keys to go into deeper living, into a more authentic living. Keys to learning how to be more open and aligned with the beauty and miracles in life that exists everywhere around us even if often there are difficult to find.

We need to reconnect to our inner voice, our intuition, which is our everyday guide if we

manage to stop the thoughts in our head and just listen to its whispering voice. Because everything starts inside us.

Are you interested to learn more?

I will create a step-by-step course about the “art of living” and how to add more beauty and magic into our life.


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