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Can material things around us be animated by what we call spirit or soul?

In Japan, this is one of the essential things in design and in nature. We can feel when an object has his own life, are vibrating with something more than just material. This is also about Wabi and Sabi.

There is a personality...and we can feel it!

Why do we feel so comfortable in some houses and in others everything is just "empty" in a cold and un personal way? It has nothing to do with just "beautiful" objects.


Perhaps our role is to inhibit spirit in the world, to give life to the material.

Often I think of this. After the summer I try to give new life to my studio and my create a "presence" in the studio. This is a huge responsibility... to give our world life and meaning. THE MOST IMPORTANT IS INVISIBLE!

In Japan many places, trees and stones are respected as holy and animated by an invisible spirit. Often these places are protected by a rope. I love this!

If there is an inner essence in nature around us, I think we can connect to this through our own inner selves, through our own authentic beings, if we try to just BE PRESENT and awakened to things, nature and beauty around us...

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