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It is always difficult to go into the creativity after a period filled with other activities. I have been printing textiles for Terre de Pastel, and working with my website. Now I want to CREATE again! In my studio, I look at old works, put together images to feel in what direction I have to go. I want to do blue works...more nature-inspired...I need to just be, surrounded with my artworks, texts, drawings and let come.

As a Wiseman has said, "to give space to what is waiting to emerge"...


I found old paperwork I made at Lessebo in Sweden a long time ago. I have put strings and thin wrapping paper inside the pulp. It is much darker today - and more beautiful. I like them... The geometrical triangle creates an open space in the middle of the paper.

In my paintings, I use layers of thin paper on top of each other. It is a fascinating way to work, like hiding images inside the painting and like "give life and meaning to the image".


I would like to connect papermaking, the eco dying, paintings and textiles... There are so many possibilities...

But to transmit "an inner language of nature" is essential in my work. The hidden beauty, the process of life...

The process is so essential! So much is happening in the process, when the artist is working in collaboration with his tools, and with nature.

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