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INDIGO and my creations

My huge challenge now is to find out how I can connect the INDIGO dying with my artistic works.

I love this blue colour and I love the dying process...the magic with the yellow bath and the yellow fabric becoming blue in the contact with the air.

In my creative process, I'm trying, searching...putting together. It is fascinating. I know that I will find out, like following a red threat that is my way into the future and I don't know yet where it will lead.

It is always a new adventure.

I try to print silkscreen with transparent colour and with white colours before dipping the textiles in the dye...This gives me interesting effects when sometimes the white becomes blue and sometimes it rests white (!) I can't really control it... Every day is an adventure! I can hide my images in the blue and print images on top of each other...plant forms, geometric forms, texts etc.

I also try to dye my textile collection with leaves made at Rydboholm in Sweden. Could be interesting... I would like to transform them into tote bags, table runners, cushions and table mats. What do you think? I will show more photos soon.


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