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When I prepared my exhibition in Osaka I really went into the "flow" - I think these creative moments are fantastic and very rare... I felt my creations in the invisible, waiting to become! I was just there to put them into being. I was pushed in one direction...using one woman face (Saint Mary) that I printed in nori (Japanese rice past) before dying with indigo so the image become white. All these images more or less invisible were so inspiring! I combined them in different ways, printed the very powerful symbol of "flower of life" on them and different images from nature, and combined them with eco-dyed images (images where the leaves give their own messages) I did patchworks for the first time in my life!

It was so interesting to combine the images in different ways, to create connections...The woman face, the symbols, nature... The silk when dyed with indigo become turquoise blue - very beautiful. All the works together become very coherent - for me a message for peace and harmony.

Works to get inspired by, works that give energy and inspiration to a home...

I finished at 1 o'clock the night before leaving...and I just had the time to do what was needed for the art space. Isn't that amazing! (See more of the exhibition on my website)

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